Our Resources

Bergmann Lights

David has many how-to videos including how to build out our YPS Metal Controllers

Meet with brilliant minds from all over the world. Share ideas, network and grow together with the community.

David Henry is a great resource for anyone starting off with Christmas Lights.

trying to figure out how many pixels or how much power your tree needs. this is your place.

the support group has many people that are available to answer your questions and also provide you with feedback.

this website provides resources to help you understand pixels and how they work. Excellent place to start your journey. Plus you are able to download the software for free to get you started.

you can purchase your Experience Lights Genius pixel controllers here.

you can purchase your falcon pixel controllers here.

you can purchase your kulp pixel controllers here

Home to some of the most innovative coro props to help your pixel show come to life.

Kevin will hook you up with a custom-built pixel controller that fits your needs to help your pixel show come to life.

SFL-Designs (Sisk Family)

their team is a heavily trained crew that specializes in creating  3d printed clips, pixel jigs, and other tools to help your light show come to life.

Jingle Bumpers

Do you have a Holiday Lighting Display ? Are you looking for Unique, one-of-a-kind Voice-Overs, bumpers or other “Audio Imaging” ? We have been providing professional, fully produced, Voice-Overs, and other Audio Imaging Solutions since 2015. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Jingle Bumpers Display Imaging for the Holiday Lighting Community. “What Can We Create For You Today ?”

The BF Light Shows team brings varying styles together to create both group effort and independent sequences to include the most of every prop manufacturer and design choice on the market. All genres, old hits, chart toppers, new trends, and custom song requests available. Let us create the best sequences to wow everyone coming to see your show.

Upgrade your holiday light display with xTreme Sequences’ xLights sequences. Our state-of-the-art sequences are designed by Ron Howard and are sure to take your display to the next level. With a wide variety of themes and styles to choose from, you’ll find the perfect sequence to match your unique holiday vision. Our sequences are easy to use and compatible with all sizes of layouts. Don’t settle for a basic display; make your holiday lights xTreme with xTreme Sequences.