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As we grow as a company, we have been adding more and more items to our catalog. Our goal is to be able to offer products and services that you cannot get anywhere else. With that being said, because of the type of items we are offering there are several items that we offer that cannot ship together and we must change our shipping policy moving forward to accommodate the changes.

Moving forward when checking out you will be receiving 1 to 3 different shipping quotes, depending on the items you are purchasing. Specifically, if you are ordering 3D and PVC Props, you’ll be getting a quote for those items, as these items cannot ship with other items due to their odd sizes. Some of our bulkier items will also be quoted separately if shipping cost is involved. These different shipping cost will be quite visible at checkout so there will be no surprises. We also do offer local pick-up by appointment for those who would like to come and say hi.

*Note shipping cost for 3D and PVC Props is cheaper when you buy 2 or more items at the same time, so consider this when making your purchase. Purchasing one prop will always be more expensive. Also, if you want to order one of the large 3D and PVC Props without being split for shipping, please select NO SPLIT PROP shipping and we will invoice you for the shipping cost when your item is ready. Shipping 3D and PVC props not split is quite expensive, so be aware.

Free Shipping for Lower 48 States

Free shipping is still available on most items if you spend over $349 at our store, and most of our items also includes shipping. We will continue to offer free shipping for the immediate future. However, as mentioned above you will be charged shipping for our 3D and PVC Props and any other bulkier items that do not include shipping in their price, as they cannot ship with anything else. The shipping cost is a live rate based on the items you purchase.

For example, you buy a $50 PVC Prop and 10-pixel strands,

$50 – PVC
$270 – $27 Pixels x 10
Total $320

The total is $320 so you will be charged shipping for the PVC Prop separate from the shipping from the 10-pixel strands.

However, let’s say you buy the $50 PVC and 12-pixel strands,

$50 – PVC
$324 – $27 Pixels x 12
Total $374

The total is $374, which meets the free shipping requirements for the other items, so you will only pay shipping for the PVC prop and your strands ship for free.

Other States and Canada

We do ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. However, we are currently working to get it set up properly on our website. We are hoping to resolve this issue very soon and appreciate your patience. In the meantime, please email us at support@yourpixelstore.com to get a shipping quote for the items you are looking to get.

Shipping Method

We ship most of our items UPS Ground or USPS Parcel. If you need faster shipping, please email us, and tell us what speed and we’ll charge you the difference between the shipping rates.

Lead-Time and Stock

Most of our items are in-stock and ready to ship. However, there are some items that are not in-stock and will have a lead time. These items will show an estimated date of delivery. This is only an estimate. We say it is an estimate as we cannot control boat and freight shipment. This is the estimate that is given to us, but this can change due to many factors including, but not limited to, traffic, weather, customs, etc. We try to keep the time frame up to date, but sometimes we are not notified either; know that we are working diligently to get your items in your hand. This video by Lorne Counter explains the shipping process quite well: Journey of a Pixel.

Moreover, please note that we do not keep the 3D and PVC Props items in-stock and items are created upon purchase. When purchasing from us you agree to the lead time and expected shipping time. Our goal is to have some of the most popular items in-stock, but currently we are working on getting stock up. Therefore, there will be an estimated lead-time. This lead time changes depending on demand as well. We will notify you if anything changes.

At Your Pixel Store our goal is to provide a great experience and to help your show glow. If there is a question or concern, please reach out to us at support@yourpixelstore.com. Please give us time to get to your email, we are incredibly busy but try to get to every email as soon as possible. Thanks again.

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